Living on River Time

Much like other sayings “River Time” has many different meanings for lots of different adventurers. The common underlying theme among our understanding is fluidity. It acknowledges that some things, if not most things, are out of our control. It acknowledges that the most important part of dropping into a rapid or pulling into an eddy is your mindset. The understanding of this concept isn’t something we are born with. We learn it. We learn to be fluid through and with our environments. We learn this through heart-pounding experiences, tearful failures, exhilarating triumphs, and time-stopping close calls. We begin to understand it by approaching our experiences through the mindset of a lifelong-learner. We begin to respect it by acknowledging that just as a river changes with every day and season, so do our days and our lives.

“River Time” is something we adventurers know well. But it embodies something we can all relate to at some point in our lives, regardless of our status as “adventurers”.

This reality is why our story was born.