Last Frontier: The Reflection

Ready for a New Adventure

Working in the education system and being in the military has brought out a certain sense of sarcastic cynicism in my normally optimistic worldview, but a few things this trip has taught me are:

  1. Respect the river and the wilderness enough to know that neither of them give a damn about your plans

  2. You can find good people no matter where you are so long as you are genuine, humble, and generously kind in return.

Just about everyone we met from our research acquaintances, our neighbors at Raven, the guides and staff at the lodges, and even some of the guests were kind and generous with their help and advice. More than anything, that is what makes an experience memorable. That is why, ultimately we will be back.

When we left Yakutat we knew many more people than when we started. And they probably knew us, though maybe not because of the best reasons or circumstances (i.e. we were the hikers who had to be rescued).

But one day we will be back to this beautiful unique place, wiser, better prepared, and excited for a new adventure.


The Motley Crew



Keep writing Bob! We look forward to hopefully meeting you on the next time around!


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