Adventure Buddies: A Letter to Our Pup

Happy Birthday to Our Little Adventurer

Contributors: Amanda Reynolds, Wesley Reynolds

Dear Bella,

This is your second birthday. You are officially a teenager. Because of this coming-of-age, your humans would like to reflect on your puppyhood, your adventures, and the exciting years to come. So, here goes…


1 year, 11 months

Bella, we spent a very long time looking for you. About 15 years in dog-time to be exact (WebMd). We asked around, went to shelters, searched online, but you were nowhere to be found. Until one day, we got a message from a nice ranch lady in our email. She had seen the post your dad made about searching for you, and said that she though we should come and take a look. So, we did.

Your Dad and I sat in this nice lady’s backyard and played with your six brothers and sisters for two hours! But we noticed you right away. You were shy and polite and feisty. You were independent, and had no problem playing and walking away from some of your more spirited siblings. You pranced around in the tall grass and curiously nosed up to the ducks and geese nearby without a care in the world. But you always came back to make sure we were there, curious about who we were and what we were doing. In the end, that’s what made us fall in love and realize that we had found you.


10 weeks

I picked you up and brought you home after work one day, and you fell asleep in my lap on the long drive. It was dark and you were nervous when we got to the house. But your Dad and I talked to you softly and showed you around our home. We cuddled with you on the floor until you were a little more comfortable, we had dinner, and then it was time for bed. We had the kennel all set up and comfy for you with a bed, your raccoon, and a blanket that smelled like the ranch. We tucked you in, and went to sleep. You cried that night. I’ll never be able to describe how difficult it was for us to not scoop you up in our arms, carry you to our bed, and cuddle up for the night. But we didn’t. And eventually we all fell asleep.

In the morning we greeted you with all of the praises we could think of. Waking up to your wagging tail and ear-kisses is still our favorite part of morning time.


6 months

The first full day at our house was spent cuddling on the floor next to the couch. You and I curled up in a blanket and watched movies, did class work, and even wrote a little bit. You weren’t really sure who Dad was when he got home because he was in his uniform. But he quickly changed and you immediately realized it was him. We played all evening and were astonished at how smart you were already! We knew you’d be a great adventurer one day.

You quickly learned your commands and were a breeze to potty train. You loved your raccoon until it fell apart and we had to replace it with a rope. Then you loved-up the rope so much it fell apart and we had to get you two more. You started teething and somehow got your rope stuck under your bed in your kennel. You tore up your bed to get to it and then I had to throw away the bed. But we gave you a special quilt and an old pillow and it turns out you liked them more than the fancy bed anyways. We took you for short walks in places we knew you wouldn’t get sick, and we practiced hide-and-seek in the backyard and in the house. It wasn’t long before Uncle Mac taught you how to wrestle, box, and play-tackle. Since then, you’ve always been excited when he visits.


Soon enough, you were ready for your first big adventure outdoors and off-leash. You did amazing! You were always sure to check on us and keep us together in a group. You never lost sight of us, and were quick to come back when we called you. Just like we thought, you were endlessly curious about the world around you, and while you often wandered independently, you were always sure to come back and encourage us to follow you on your own little adventures. You wanted to see and smell EVERYTHING. And most of all, you wanted us to be a part of it. We are so happy that hasn’t changed.


10 months

Since your first big adventure outdoors you’ve learned to swim, raft, fish, backpack, camp, road-trip, rock climb, and go shopping. You’ve met friends, made friends, caught people’s attention, licked the sticky fingers of children, and aspired to be a cattle-dog. You’ve made people smile and laugh. You’ve made silly noises, chased away birds, and pretended you were a fox pouncing on imaginary prey. You’ve hoarded your loot of toys and shared your loot of toys. You’ve learned to ask for ice, food, cuddles, bedtime, playtime, kisses, scratchin’s, and treats. You’ve brought us all of the joy in the world from your little paws and gentile ear-nibbles.

We couldn’t ask for more.

We are so happy to have you in our lives, Bella. We know we are your world. I hope you’ll always know that your keep ours that much brighter, happier, sillier, and adventurous.

Happy Birthday, little one.

All Our Love,

Your Humans.