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Amanda Marie-Amstutz Reynolds, Writer

Born and raised in Gilroy, California, Amanda has been an avid outdoor-gal and writer all of her life. While her career accomplishments include a B.A. and an M.A. in English, her wilderness accomplishments and interests are wildly varied and include just about anything that gets her outside and in nature.

Amanda Reynolds

Owyhee River, Oregon

A few of her back-country accomplishments include backpacking Hell Roaring lake in the Sawtooth National Forest, whitewater rafting over 400 hours on the Main Payette and several sections of the Snake river, and becoming certified in Wilderness First Aid. During her time in Idaho, she hopes to backpack more of the Sawtooth and White Cloud National Forest areas, and catch as many trout, greyling, and bass as possible. Amanda looks forward to what these new adventures have in store, and hopes to record them as clearly as possible for herself and future outdoor adventurers.