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Amanda Marie-Amstutz Reynolds, Writer

Born and raised in Gilroy, California, Amanda has been an avid outdoor-gal and writer all of her life. While her career accomplishments include a B.A. and an M.A. in English, her wilderness accomplishments and interests are wildly varied and include just about anything that gets her outside and in nature.

Amanda Reynolds

Owyhee River, Oregon

A few of her back-country accomplishments include backpacking Hell Roaring lake in the Sawtooth National Forest, whitewater rafting over 400 hours on the Main Payette and several sections of the Snake river, and becoming certified in Wilderness First Aid. During her time in Idaho, she hopes to backpack more of the Sawtooth and White Cloud National Forest areas, and catch as many trout, greyling, and bass as possible. Amanda looks forward to what these new adventures have in store, and hopes to record them as clearly as possible for herself and future outdoor adventurers.

Wesley Reynolds, Fisherman

The Start: Jealousy

I’d argue that most folks’ fly-fishing-beginning probably started with a family member or a friend giving them the knowledge needed to start their journey. Mine wasn’t like that. My journey started with plain-old-jealousy.

Being an avid spin-fisherman since a child, I always looked for ways to get better, learn, and ultimately catch more fish. So, as I watched a good friend and family member catch fish-after-fish on flies, all while I was being skunked on spinning gear…in a hole I had fished dozens of times and considered myself a “master of”…I sat back and watched. Jealous.

How could one person know the water that well?

It was then I knew, given the opportunity, I would give fly fishing a try.

It wasn’t much longer after that until I had that very opportunity. After I joined the military, I moved away from home and was stationed in Idaho. Finally, with a steady paycheck, I saw the opportunity I always told myself I’d seize.

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Boise River, Idaho

I bought a 6wt set up, some basic gear, and set out into some of the prettiest country there is. I frequented the South Fork of the Boise River far before I actually knew it was a trophy fishery. This new, and arguably very tough fishery, did its best to make me ditch this new-found sport. Luckily, an accidental encounter with a retired doctor from Montana kept my head in the game. Five minutes of advice from an elder who was willing to help and boom! My first trout on a fly rod.

It was a fish I’ll never forget. Not because of its size, color, or even location. This fish will forever be in my heart because it was the catalyst that turned me into a person who lives and breathes fly fishing.

It has become my way of life. I spend my days planning the next day on the river. The moment I am back in the vehicle driving home from the river, I am already planning the next outing. Now this is an addiction I plan my life around. I am just lucky enough to have a wife who is proud to accommodate my addiction.

I am no longer jealous. I am lucky.

From his True-Northern California roots, Wesley has continued his passion for fishing and the outdoors to the waters of Florida, Virginia, Montana, Idaho, Alberta, and Alaska. While his military career has kept him in Idaho, he’s become well-acquainted with the Snake, Boise, and Silver Creek fisheries along with countless tributaries to these larger rivers and streams. He hopes to continue to travel with his passion for catching new and familiar species on the fly and cultivating his lifelong-learning education of water and fisheries.