Summer Rafting: Tents & Paddles

Fishing & Rafting The past two weeks have been a learning process, but more about that in my next post! For this Throwback Thursday, it is only fitting that I share one of our many "learning experiences" in the wild and on the water. Summer of 2016 was eventful for us. After finishing my masters … Continue reading Summer Rafting: Tents & Paddles


Adventure Buddies: A Letter to Our Pup

Happy Birthday to Our Little Adventurer Dear Bella, This is your second birthday. You are officially a teenager. Because of this coming-of-age, your humans would like to reflect on your puppyhood, your adventures, and the exciting years to come. So, here goes... Bella, we spent a very long time looking for you. About 15 years … Continue reading Adventure Buddies: A Letter to Our Pup